Combine Exercise and The Great Outdoors to Boost Your Mental Health

More and more evidence supports that being outdoors and in natural environments has positive mental health benefits due to their restorative properties- they allow us to renew, refresh and re-energize! Urban settings, on the other hand, are completely different and have the opposite effect because everyone’s energy is spent on trying to cope with the constant stimulation which causes cognitive fatigue.  It’s common knowledge that people in natural environments are much more relaxed and happy because of the slower pace of life, and fewer distractions.  Researchers believe that natural environments allow us to focus more easily, improve our overall functioning and self-regulation processes in cognition while also providing an escape from the stressors of everyday life and make us feel like we’re on a little getaway.


Everyone knows that exercise benefits both physical and mental health conditions as evidenced by research on depression and anxiety which show that it helps to improve mood and reduce levels of anxiety. This is because exercise releases feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins which can enhance your sense of well-being. Exercise, like nature, also takes your mind off your worries, relieves stress, and can help to keep negative thoughts that feed into feelings of depression and anxiety, at bay.


Urban poling is a fun and easy way to combine exercise with natural environments and boost your mental health benefits. An excellent form of aerobic exercise, poling engages up to 90% of your muscles and burns up to 46% more calories than walking alone! If venturing off on nature routes and hiking trails, be sure to expose the carbide steel tips for greater traction on uneven terrains such as grass, gravel, and sand.  So, take the road less traveled and reap the restorative benefits of a natural environment and the benefits of this form of fitness.  Urban poling is an excellent way to take care of your complete self – body and soul!

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