Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award – September

For this month’s Wendi Paterson Award winners we would like to acknowledge two inspiring personalities, Katherine Combaluzier and Lorene Hughes, owner of Scary Bunny Be Fit

The Power of Active Living Outdoors – Trees Mend Us

On September 12th@ 12pm EST we will be hosting a webinar with a retired nurse who has chronic health conditions (systemic lupus & rheumatoid arthritis),

The Power of UP In Your Community: Community Leaders Share Their Experiences

Join us on September 25th @ 12pm EST for an exciting and informative session on how Urban Poling has made a positive impact in the community

Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award – August

This month we would like to acknowledge Verla Fortier and Mr. & Mrs. Camacho for being the recipients of our Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award.  We

Active Living for Orthopaedic Rehab

ACTIVATOR ℗ Poles are an evidence-based, patented tool that is revolutionizing rehabilitation. Prescribed extensively across all continuums of healthcare for therapy and for the reduction of passive

Go Where The Poles Take You!

When travelling near or far, few would argue that the best way to experience new destinations is by self-propelled means.  Walking tours are an especially

Movement Inspiration

Unsure of how to become more mindful about your physical activity? Struggling to find your story and reason behind your physically active behavior? The Why

Holiday Newsletter 2017

Be sure to take advantage of our Black Friday Sale, with buy one get one 50% off poles and accessories.  Start your holiday shopping with Urban

Be a Long-Weekend Warrior

It seems like just yesterday we were writing down our new-year resolutions which may have included goals along the lines of “being more active/adventurous”…Well, this

Father’s Day Contest Winners

Congratulations to Melissa and Toby who were selected as the winners of our Father’s Day contest.  A big thank you to Boomer Nutrition for their

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