Third Party Funding

Third Party Funding

Third Party Funding

We are proud that third party funders have approved funding for the ACTIVATOR® Poles including:

  • Veteran’s Affairs Canada – Veteran’s Independence Program – under POC1
  • Insurance Corporation of BC – Rehabilitation Clients

    In a case by case basis
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Ontario Disabilities Support Programs – under discretionary benefits
  • Ministry – independence & mobility around the home
  • Workplace Safety Insurance Corporation
  • Soldier ON – for returning veterans with injuries or disabilities – recreation and rehabilitation
  • Auto Insurance Companies
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Mobility Aids Funded by the March of Dimes ADP Program
Check with your insurance company for funding. Click here for ACTIVATOR® Poles Justification Letter to be signed by your physician or therapist or other recognized health care professional under your insurance plan.

Contact: for more information.

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