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We hope that you are well and keeping active, safely. If you need help finding the right poles and accessories or if you have other questions about an order, please email us at or Shop online or contact us at 1-877-499-7999 to receive with free delivery on orders over $75. As part of Urban Poling’s response to COVID-19, we are offering free educational webinars and huge savings on our CCU approved Instructor and ACTIVATOR Course (reg. $269) for a mere registration fee of $25. Delivery may take longer than normal.

Activator Course

Learn about the dynamic ACTIVATOR Program prescribed as best practice for rehabilitation centres, clinics and community programs.

Instructor Course

The Urban Poling Instructor Course is a comprehensive course (offered both live and online) that teaches course participants the practical skills of Nordic walking.

Diabetes Course

Urban Poling is one of the best forms of fitness and way to regulate blood glucose, as it uses 90% of the muscles while providing both cardiovascular and strength training.


Our Blog promotes ideas and health practices about Urban Poling and rehabilitation, inspiring stories of success, and more.

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