JUNE – Stroke and Brain Injuries Awareness Month

For June, Urban Poling has the pleasure to increase awareness regarding stroke and brain injury. In this blog, we will discuss the great benefits
of physical activity and its association with having a healthy brain at any age or stage.



Stroke is the second leading cause of mortality and the leading cause of physical disability worldwide1. In Canada, stroke continues to be the leading cause of disability among all elderly adults and the third leading cause of death2. Approximately 14,000 Canadians pass away due to a stroke experience2. Currently, in Canada, there are about 50,000 new cases of stroke, translating into a person suffering from it every 10 minutes and leaving 300,000 Canadians living with the effects of stroke2.

Research has shown and recognized that physical activity can induce multiple positive effects on the brain. Exercise remains a powerful source to impact neurological development and shape the adult brain when exposed to life’s challenges1. A few of the main risk factors for stroke that can be prevented are physical inactivity, being overweight, diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol2.  Literature has also suggested that frequent exercise is associated with lowering risk factors for stroke, not only in prevention but as well during stroke recovering for physical and cognitive tasks3. In addition, a research study conducted by Song, D., and Doris, S. (2019) suggests that intensive moderate aerobic exercise is a promising intervention to improve cognitive brain function in seniors4.


The director of Urban Poling recognized as Mandy Shintani, OT & Gerontologist, had the great idea of bringing the benefits of Nordic walking into what we call now Urban Poling. Through the high performance of the poles, Urban poling has the drive to help you walk your way to better health. Urban Poling has the vitality to guide and improve the lives of people with brain injuries and those who have previously experienced a stroke.


The ACTIVATOR® poles are essential and play an important role in the rehabilitation of brain injury and stroke. By increasing the speed of traditional walking with the ACTIVATOR® poles individuals will be able to increase their calorie burnout by 26 to 40% translating into the loss of weight, lowering blood pressure by normalizing cardiac output and flattening the levels of cholesterols that might cause blockage in the arteries. The intensity of the workout can be adjusted by pressing down on the ergonomic CoreGrip® handles. Seniors are also able to comfortably perform seating exercises with the ACTIVATOR® poles. More benefits of urban poling that can help improve symptoms of stroke and brain injury include going on walks with friends and family, as this social activity can help reduce levels of stress and inflammation of the physiology of the brain. Overall, the ACTIVATOR poles will permit a slow recovery by improving patients’ balance, body movements, and stability. Try them out and improve the health of your brain.

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