The Importance of Core Strength!

Your core is of central importance!  It is the key link connecting your upper and lower body and has a pivotal impact on how well your arms and legs function too. A strong core builds up strength and enhances balance and stability which are essential in preventing falls and injuries. Your core is key for many everyday living activities like bathing, dressing, housework, or bending down to tie your shoes. You are even engaging your core when you are sitting at your desk for hours on end! Did you know that lower back pain can be prevented by engaging in exercises that strengthen your core? It also stabilizes your body which allows you to move in different directions without losing balance and reducing your risk of falling. That’s why it’s so important to keep it toned because it also promotes an upright posture and reduces wear and tear on your spine.

Urban Poling is a great way to strengthen your core and activate up to 90% of your muscles. Our poles feature ergonomic CoreGrip handles which include a ledge to support your wrists. Every time you take a step and push into the ledge, you’re engaging your core which is equal to one ab contraction with every step! No need to worry about feely wobbly when starting out because 4 points of contact are better than 2 for keeping you balanced and stable.

Urban poling will strengthen your core, boost your fitness level, and help to prevent or manage a number of chronic diseases. So why wait? Start poling today.  Your core will thank you!

For more information check out this article from Harvard Health Publishing:

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