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We’re happy to be partnered with some amazing organizations and programs such as Lumino Health, an innovation from Sun Life! Lumino Health’s goal is to move away from out-dated health-care practices and connect you with the right health-care provider or resource when you need it most. The health-care system has been reactive and driven by physicians. Lumino Health believes that you should be in charge of your own health and its proactive approach helps to provide you with solutions that put you at forefront of your own health-care journey. Health-care services shouldn’t be difficult to navigate or access. That’s why Lumino Health is committed to empowering you by creating a free and accessible tool that allows users to book appointments with health-care providers and access valuable resources. It makes it easier for you to make appointments that fit your schedule and find the right virtual health solution for your needs.

“We believe that empowering you on your health journey also includes providing access to useful information and resources. Lumino Health is proud to be able to connect users to several renowned health and wellness institutions across the country, including think tanks, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.”

Lumino Health has over 150,000 health-care providers on their platform and has received over 20-million ratings on health-care providers from patients from across the country.  Lumino Health is also a proud recipient of PWC’s Vision to Reality Awards!

We’re elated that Lumino Health has included Urban and Activator® Poles as part of their suite of products and programs to help Canadians achieve better health! Check out this fabulous video that they did which is being shared across their platforms as well. Tips & tricks on how to get started with your poles in addition to advice on how to perfect your technique are included! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_WlQrvN1XM&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=LuminoHealth

We are so proud and grateful to have partnered with such an amazing organization! Please be sure to check out their website at LuminoHealth.ca.



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