Why Walking and Talking is the Perfect Combination and Perfect Date?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the pressure of setting up that perfect date or getting that perfect gift is increasing. Although sometimes the best dates are the simplest ones; like going for a walk, exploring somewhere new or going for a hike.

If it’s with your significant other or your friends, going for a walk allows for time to talk and to be active! But more importantly, you will realize how much easier exercise becomes when you have an exercise partner or partners.

It makes physical activity a social activity; something to enjoy with someone else instead of task you have to do. It is easier to start exercise when you have someone to do it with, and it becomes easier to stick with when you realize how much fun it can be. Also, if the conversation is really flowing or you just enjoy spending time with that person, you may walk for longer than you would have if you did it by yourself. The more you enjoy the exercise, the more you will do it and the more health benefits you’ll see.

If you want to take your walk-and-talk date to the next level by making it a full body exercise, all you have to do is add urban poles! Nordic Walking works 90% of your muscles without a big increase in effort. A study by Duncan and Lyons found that the perceived rate of exertion (a rating of how hard the exercise was) did not increase when walking with poles compared to normal walking, despite working out more muscles. They attributed this to the increased psychological benefit of using the poles that increases mood.

This research highlights that you can get that full-body workout and keep that walking-talking pace for the perfect combination of exercise and socialization. So if you love exercise or want to get into it, try Nordic walking with someone!

Now that you’ve got the perfect exercise date, here is the perfect gift to go with it! We have a Valentine’s Day special, offering 15% off our Series 300 poles with FREE gift wrapping!

Get your friends or significant others to join you! Motivate each other, keep each other accountable and most importantly make exercise enjoyable. Leading a healthy lifestyle is easier when you got friends to do it with.

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