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Urban Poling is re-introducing a special offer for schools to save on purchasing Urban Poling equipment and instructor training. This offer will run from Sept 2nd to November 30th, 2015.  Do not miss out on this opportunity to introduce Canada’s hottest new outdoor activity to your students this fall!

Below is a link to the order form for a class set of high quality Urban Poles (save 40%) that includes a storage bag, extra boot tips, and a FREE on-line instructor course valued at $149.99.

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Urban Poling made its official debut as a school physical education activity at the 2015 PHE Canada Conference, held Apr 30th to May 2nd in Banff, Alberta. We engaged hundreds of teachers in discussions about the potential of Urban Poling as an integral part of daily physical activity, and an activity that can develop physical literacy while connecting students with nature.

What we discovered is that physical educators are hungry to introduce students to non-traditional activities that they can easily integrate into DPA and can become activities for life. Urban Poling fits the bill perfectly! Lori Hildebrandt, physical education teacher with the Lois Riel School District in Winnipeg found that Urban Poling received two thumbs up from an all-girls high school physical education class: “The girls who tended to be less active and less interested in athletics really enjoyed this activity and its social aspect, while the more athletic class members got a lot out of it as well!”

“Show me that the poles can be used for more than walking and I am sure I can convince my principal to purchase a set!” challenged another teacher. Absolutely! First of all, walking can be combined with talking, so Urban Poling presents the opportunity to take the school curriculum outside and have a discussion on any subject, while walking at the same time. Secondly, the poles can be used for a range of running, jumping, and throwing activities: the foundation of physical literacy. Marching and skipping activities can also be incorporated. Finally, Urban Poling combines well with snowshoeing. Students flounder on soft and uneven footing while snowshoeing and frequent falls are a problem. Incorporating the Urban Poling techniques increases the aerobic nature of the sport, supplies great core strengthening, while providing far superior balance, reducing the amount of falls. The poles also help students to get back up on their feet if they do lose their balance.

The poles are ideal for use around the schoolyard, on paved recreational trails and sidewalks, as well as on hiking trails. The easy portability of the equipment means one set, in the supplied storage bag, can be shared easily with all the schools in a school district. The portability also makes it easy to add them to a library collection, allowing the poles to be signed out like a library book. Thus they can be used outside of school hours involving parents and other family and friends in a great outdoor activity. The ACTIVATOR poles have been especially designed for persons with balance and mobility issues. Any number of ACTIVATOR poles can be substituted for the 300 Fitness Series poles in a school order, to enable participation by students who would benefit from the increased stability they provide, making the activity more inclusive.

Urban Poling is proud to be 100% owned and operated Canadian company.  On this, our 10th anniversary, we are excited share our passion for poling with the education sector across Canada.


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