Try Pole Walking for a Full Body Workout

May 18, 2012 | By Nadia

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Originally published by Village of Bayfield Chamber of Commerce


Photo by Melody Falconer-Pounder

For a couple years now Pole Walking has been promoted in the village as a great fitness opportunity. Experts consider it to be a low-impact, full body workout.

Currently, walks for women are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays while walks for men are held on Monday and Friday mornings. All walks begin from 6 Main Street and begin at 8:30 a.m. Poles are provided free for those who require them.

A new class, “Gentle Jaunters”, will be starting in May, a time will be announced soon but it should be noted that it wouldn’t be too early in the day.

Photo by Roger Lewington

Also starting in May, an introduction to Pole Walking will be offered with individualized instruction. There is no charge for this and poles can be provided.

“We will be happy to offer one on one Pole Walking instruction in early May. We are trying to get as many people as we can to try this great activity,” said Pat Lewington of Bayfield, a Pole Walking enthusiast. “They can call 519 565-2202 or 519 565-5638 and leave their name and number and we will set up some training times. It is best if people get some individual training before they start Pole Walking.”

Photo by Roger Lewington

In addition, an afternoon, leisurely Pole Walking session will begin in May. It will be held after 5 p.m. so that people who work during the day can participate. More information will follow, as the month grows closer.

Pole Walking combines the aerobic and strength-building benefits of cross-country skiing with the convenience of walking in your own neighborhood. It is known to improve posture and reduce stress on knees and other joints as well as increasing the cardiovascular effectiveness of a walking workout.

View more photos and read the original article at Village of Bayfield Chamber of Commerce.

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