Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award- February 2019

Congratulations to this months Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award recipients!

Firstly, we have Jane Cierpicki; Jane’s remarkable journey and commitment to embracing a healthy lifestyle is an example of what we can achieve with determination, regular physical activity and proper diet. Jane was much like many of us, not very athletic and did not enjoy exercising much. The turning point came last February when she went on a cruise and felt out of shape while participating in some of the activities. Seeing herself in some of those photos made her decide that it was time for action.

A month later, Jane signed up for the new Freestyle Weight Watchers and began her journey to better health. Since then she has lost 51 pounds and is just another 20 pounds away from achieving her target weight and lifetime award with Weight Watchers. Even though it was not always easy, Jane felt there was no better gift she could give herself than a healthy lifestyle. When her husband happened to see a Facebook post about Nordic walking lessons in Manor Park, they decided to give it a try and loved it! It was there that they met Nina Lepage, Urban Poling Instructor and Ambassador.  They were so inspired by Nina’s enthusiasm and “joie de vivre” that after a few lessons, they started using the poles regularly. With the help of a FitBit, the challenge was on and a month later she participated in the Arthritis Walk.

Jane has MS and although it is a non-aggressive form it does affect her energy level and balance at times but walking with urban poles makes her feel rejuvenated, confident and secure. Jane’s first impression of walking poles was that they were for seniors only but now believes that they provide a total workout for body and spirit, no matter what the age. Jane is retiring at the end of the year and can’t wait to dedicate more time to daily activity.  In the meantime, you can find Jane and her husband enjoying the beautiful pathways in Orleans while listening to music or audiobooks or snowshoeing with her poles and snow baskets. They are planning to take a cruise next February and you can be sure that their poles will be travelling with them!
As for Nina, she was so touched by Jane’s inspirational and wonderful story that she hopes that it will encourage many more people of all ages to take these positive steps in life to gain good health. As we so often say, “It starts with a step, lets help you take it.”

Our second February recipient is Susan Yackulic. Susan is Founder of and Personal Trainer at “Get Fit Personal Training”. She also has her Master’s in Education with experience in a variety of curriculum areas including but not limited to physical education, Math & Science. Some of Susan’s hobbies include completing Marathons which is where she earned her nickname “Ironwoman Sue” referencing her past Ironman competitions, World Master Games as well as some of the most popular Marathons in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.
Not only does Susan introduce many of her clients to Urban Poling in the Edmonton area, she herself is so passionate about the sport and never leaves home without her poles. In fact, the poles became a staple in her lifestyle in more ways than for fitness alone when she began experiencing hip pain which later resulted in a Hip Replacement Surgery. Susan was eager to get back to all the things she loves and was determined to not let the replacement slow her down. A short time after surgery, Susan integrated the ACTIVATOR® Poles (with physicians’ approval) in her rehab and recovery. Since then, Susan has been able to get back to the things she loves and has recently even been able to go skiing again!
We are so proud of both Jane and Susan for their continued success, we are honoured that Urban Poles have been able to play a crucial role in their health journey. Congratulations on being this month’s recipients of the Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award!

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