Press Release – Patent Approved

Mandy Shintani
Urban Poling Inc

Date:  September 12, 2018

Urban Poling Inc is please to announce that both the Industrial Design Patent for the CoreGrip in Canada, Australia, UK and US (pending) and the Utility Patent for the ACTIVATOR Poles with the International Patent Office have been approved.  Over the past 6 years, occupational therapist and founder Mandy Shintani along with co-owner Diana Oliver and operation manager, Jocelyn Clennett have been working with industrial design engineers, therapists and an ergonomist to produce and test our unique design so that it maximizes core strengthening, off-loading and weight-bearing.

We absolutely thrilled that our efforts to develop a CoreGrip design for both rehabilitation and fitness has been approved as well as a patent for the functional use of the ACTIVATOR Poles for those with chronic conditions, post-surgery and older adults.  We are very grateful to the many customers, therapists, fitness instructors and Master Trainers who over the years have contacted us with ideas.  We are  in a very fortunate position that so many of our users have been incredible supportive about offering advise and open to trialing the many prototypes over the years!  We greatly value the feedback we received on the impact of the CoreGrip and ACTIVATOR Poles on people’s road to wellness and recovery.   Mandy Shintani, co-inventor

Palm (top) – Provides an effective alternative hand position to reduce grip fatigue, for off-loading weight when descending, and for propelling during long distance trekking. Large R and L identify the right and left handles.

Central Column – The ergonomic design allows for a loose grip, and the texture helps sweaty hands to grip.

Flare – Absorbs vibrations.

Ledge – Allows more-even distribution of weight across the outside edge of the hand. Allows for comfortable and effective application of force for core strengthening and off-loading of weight. Supports the wrist in a neutral position.

Ergonomic Evaluation
The forces on the hand are more-evenly distributed across the heel of the hand in the CoreGrip handle design with higher forces at the wrist crease area improving the biomechanical advantage when walking. An even force distribution reduces uncomfortable contact stresses.  Anna -Kristina Arnold, MSc, CPE (2016) Ergonomist

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