Keeping Kids Active Outdoors!

Speaking as a mother, I understand how challenging these times are at maintaining some semblance of normalcy. Keeping kids inspired and motivated to take part in activities that are not solely centered around technology, and just generally getting through each day with everyone’s sanity intact is a huge win! We all know the importance of keeping kids physically active but with all of their regularly scheduled sport and fitness activities cancelled, we are being challenged to ensure that kids are still getting at least an hour of physical activity each day and more!

Outdoor physical activity offers numerous benefits beyond the obvious benefit of moving our bodies – fresh air, vitamin D, and the clarity that only time spent in nature can bring, which is just as important for kids as it is for adults. Consider a bike ride, breaking out those scooters, snow-shoeing in a local park (assuming you still have snow), taking up jogging as a family, or consider trying or learning something new, like Nordic Walking!

Many of you may already have poles but may not have considered them for your kids. Speaking as a mom of two kids that enjoy Nordic walking – just know that this activity is truly something that the whole family can embrace. This one piece of equipment can grow with your kids and be used for the rest of their lives! The technique is relatively easy to learn, can be done on your street or in a local park and can be transitioned for more rugged terrains and hiking adventures. The poles can also be used for snow-shoeing or winter walks when it’s a little slick and having the extra points of traction/contact are often found to be extremely helpful.

Why Urban Poles for kids?

–         Unlike many fixed length poles, Urban poles grow with your kids! Height Adjustable – 4ft to 6ft but you can lock the poles even below 4 feet if needed. I didn’t even have to unlock them for my kids, who both started using them at three years old.

–         Easy Grip – CoreGrip Handles – Kids find our handles easier to get their hands around. There are no cumbersome straps to deal with. Less is more when it comes to safety!

–         Easy to clean – It just takes a minute to clean the handles with a disinfectant wipe after each use. Now more than ever, this extra precaution should be taken even if the poles are not being shared.

–         Combines resistance + cardio in one walk! This form of fitness works nearly 90% of the body’s muscles – it’s a full body workout!

–        Can be used for more than just walking – Use them to do jumping jacks, lunges, squats, the options are endless. Trust us, the kids will help you figure out new ways to use them………safety first, they are not swords!



As always, for any questions that you have please let us know.  We are happy to help!  For any questions specifically on technique, please visit the Getting Started section of our website for all the tips and tricks you need.  (Simply scroll further down the page for a video tutorial on how to Nordic walk correctly).  Happy Poling!!

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