Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award – October

We congratulate Kari Galasso from Kingston, ON and Scott Edgar from Newcastle Australia as the inspiring recipients of the Wendi Paterson award this month. Kudos to you both for UP-ing your health and fitness, and naturally inspiring others to do the same.

Kari Galasso

Kari Galasso began Urban Poling approximately 15 years ago when her husband tore his ACL and she was searching for some alternative activities that he could do. She took a Nordic walking course in Kingston, Ontario but it wasn’t until her friend Barb Gormley who suggested that she attend one of her Nordic walking classes that Kari became hooked. Barb converted to the Urban poling poles from the ones that she was previously using and shortly after, Kari purchased a bunch of poles and began teaching her own Nordic walking classes at the local senior center.

Kari began offering one class a week, but soon enough the demand increased and she started offering 5 classes a week. She says that at first some people struggle but you can see them feel proud once they get it. It’s like learning a new sport; it takes time and practice. Personally, Kari goes pole walking about 3X a week for about an hour each time, and she says, “It is by far the single most rewarding thing in my fitness career, and I’ve done a lot of things.”
Kari set the goal to introduce Urban Poling to as many people as she could and for this kind of fitness to be a “a cool thing to be doing in Kingston.” She has introduced Urban Poling to hundreds of people in her city and reported “I’ve just seen it impact peoples’ lives.” A lover of the outdoors, we admire Kari for her dedication and enthusiasm in promoting health and fitness in her community and wish her continued success!

Scott Edgar

Scott is a bilateral amputee and enjoys using our ACTIVATOR poles. As a wheelchair basketball athlete, he found that that his hands were getting sore as he was using two canes.  Since switching over to the ACTIVATOR poles, not only are his hands better but his self-confidence has improved as he feels more like an athlete. Be sure to check out the video below.
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