The Wendi Paterson Award

This year, we will be launching a new award to recognize an instructor who has gone over and beyond to promote Urban Poling and active living within their community.  This award, similar to our Trailblazer award, is being given in honour of Wendi Paterson, who sadly,  passed away this past February to cancer.

Wendi was one of the first Urban Poling Instructors and Master Trainers in Canada.  She lived in the Ottawa area with her family and started the Nordic Walkfit business nearly 15 years ago.  Through hard work, dedication and a passion for this form of fitness – Wendi’s business transformed into one of the most successful Nordic walking businesses in Canada.  Her classes ran year round and included snow-shoeing which was among the favourite of her participants.  Wendi’s positive attitude and energy was infectious and all those around her could see and feel the light that shone within her so naturally and beautifully.

The Urban Poling community feels her loss but are so pleased that her team of instructors in Ottawa have taken over the business and continue to thrive.

This year, the Wendi Paterson Award will go to a fellow Urban Poling instructor from the Ottawa area, Nina Le Page.  Nina has been teaching Urban Poling/Nordic Walking for several years and is equally as passionate to spread the word about the benefits of this form of fitness to anyone and everyone who will listen!  Nina launched a series of Nordic Walking Information session through Ottawa City Hall a few years ago and continues to offer these sessions each summer.  She was recently featured on CTV Morning Live in Ottawa to further showcase her expertise and passion for Urban Poling.  Nina – we thank you for your all your contributions and we are glad to award the first Wendi Paterson award to someone like you, who truly embodies the very energy and passion that Wendi exuded.

Congratulations Nina!

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