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Lower back pain is being felt by all and working from home hasn’t helped! Long hours sitting in the same spot day after day, meeting after meeting, is wreaking havoc on your lower back. A fancy ergonomic chair may be able to help but forget the expense, we have 6 tips for you! Spine-health.com has shared 6 amazing tips that are sure to help your lower back pain.

  1. Release your endorphins! Endorphins are naturally occurring hormones in the body that can help block pain signals from registering in your brain. They also alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. All of which are associated with chronic back pain and can make it worse! A great way to release endorphins is through aerobic exercises like Urban Poling! A short stroll with your poles, even around the house, can do the trick!
  2. Ensure you are getting restorative sleep. Insomnia can be a leading cause of pain.
  3. Exercise your core. Your core muscles play a key role in supporting your lower back. There are many simple exercises that can improve your core strength, like Urban Poling. When you push into our ergonomic Core Grip handles you are engaging your abs with every step!
  4. Engage your brain. The way your brain processes and interprets pain signals plays an important role in how you perceive your pain. You can develop skills to help you reduce or ignore some pain signals! Try mindful pain management or cognitive behavioral therapy.
  5. Find activities that make you happy. – These activities can help reduce the stress of pain and some of the pain itself. Try doing 3 things that make you feel good a day whether that be a stroll with your poles or a hug from your loved one.
  6. Lastly, remember to stretch your hamstrings twice daily. This will help to prevent further pain caused by stress on the lower back and sacroiliac joints.

Urban Poling is a great way to achieve most of these tips at once. So, why not grab your poles for a short or long stroll to help alleviate your pain!

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