Active Living with Arthritis

Conditions involving joint pain, stiffness, swelling and discomfort such as arthritis, often pose a challenge for physicians in recommending a routine physical activity program due to the ongoing pain and fatigue, changes in functional abilities, and also mood disturbances often experienced by these patients. Yet, research clearly shows that physical activity, particularly aerobic exercise, such as Urban Poling (aka Nordic walking) may enhance mood, reduce anxiety and depression, while helping to offset the fatigue and pain.

Urban poling (aka Nordic walking) is an evidence-based innovative activity which maximizes the health benefits of exercise.

 Walking with specialized poles (such as Urban Poles), compared to walking without poles, activates up to 75% of muscles, providing both aerobic and resistance training.  Urban Poling may result in improved mood, increased self-esteem, and social interaction, fostering an improved overall sense of well-being. Research also proves that walking with poles may increase exercise tolerance and personal excursion limits, allowing patients to walk further and longer and motivating them to incorporate poling into their daily routine.

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My Activator poles have been a significant resource in my rehabilitation and reentry into the active world. My walking has improved dramatically and therefore my overall mobility has made a quantum leap improvement. 

– Marnie who has osteoarthritis


Urban Poling is proud to be a corporate sponsor of The Arthritis Society.

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