NEW Parkinson’s Exercise Guidelines

The Parkinson’s Foundation has released new guidelines for exercises for individuals with Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a movement disorder that causes diverse symptoms which develop often slowly over time. Exercise can help to control the symptoms of Parkinson’s and in some cases slow the disease, these guidelines are uniquely designed to do just this.


  1. Aerobic activity – 3 days/week for at least 30 minutes per session of continuous or intermittent at moderate to vigorous intensity.
  2. Strength Training – 2-3 non-consecutive days/week for at least 30 minutes per session of 10-15 reps for major muscle groups; resistance, speed, or power focus.
  3. Balance, Agility, & Multitasking – 2-3 days/week with daily integration if possible.
  4. Stretching – less than 2-3 days/week with daily being most effective.


Each one of these guidelines can be accomplished with a set of our poles! Urban Poling is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, by just adding poles to your walk you are engaging 90% of your body’s muscles and burning twice as many calories. Using our poles while you walk will engage and strengthen all your major muscle groups. This alone combines the first and second guidelines of aerobic activity and strength training! Additionally, our poles provide you with balance and stability while you walk. As opposed to canes and walkers Urban Poles do not foster dependence and still require you to use the parts of your brain connected to balance. Adding poles to your walk generates greater brain activity and multitasking. Not only are Urban and ACTIVATOR® poles an excellent walking tool but they can be used for all forms of exercise from HIIT to yoga and more. Depending on your stage you can complete all the above activities seated or standing. Lastly, stretching is always an important component of physical activity and is strongly encouraged before and after workouts. You can fulfill each of these guidelines with one simple and multifaceted tool: Urban Poles!

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