Wendi Paterson Award - Shirley Crawford & Mary

Seven years ago, Mandy Johnson (Alberta Ambassador for Urban Poling) gave a presentation & demo to the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association at their Annual General Meeting in Canmore, Alberta.  

Mary Checkley of Calgary and Shirley Crawford of High River where so enthralled by what they experienced that later that same week, they successfully completed the Urban Poling Instructor Course.  

They have been super-star champions for Urban Poling ever since that fateful day.  They have provided dozens of presentations and demonstrations, on a volunteer basis to groups. 

Shirley Crawford With Students of Ecole Joe Clark School in High River.

A partial list of these groups include:
  • Numerous regional chapters of the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association
  • In-store sessions for retailers
  • Libraries in High River, Okotoks, Millarville and Calgary
  • Medical supply centres in Okotoks and Lethbridge
  • High River Rec Centre
  • High River Line Dancing group
  • Calgary Life Long Learners
  • Calgary’s TRICO Centre
  • The Calgary FLC Seniors Walking Groups
  • The Canadian Obesity Network, Calgary Chapter

Mary Checkley of Calgary.  

In addition both Mary and Shirley have done countless individual sessions with friends, family  and even strangers that have contacted them for information.  

They are often stopped by Shirley Crawford with Students of Ecole Joe Clark School people who see them striding along wherever they go with their poles (which is a lot of places) and they will give mini-lessons or at least provide their “elevator speech on the various benefits of Urban Poling.  

These sessions have not been limited to Canada but have also taken place in the USA, Europe and on cruises around the world!

A million thank you’s, Mary and Shirley, for sharing your incredible “passion for poling” with such enthusiasm and dedication.  You are true disciples for the cause and we are eternally grateful!

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