WEBINAR – Urban Poling for Arthritis

WEBINAR – Urban Poling for Arthritis

May 6th, 2021 – 12pm ET 

There are currently 60 million people who have Arthritis in North America, that’s nearly 25% of the adult population. Inflammation due to Arthritis causes pain and stiffness in joints which can greatly impact your everyday living activities and lifestyle. Of all adults living with some form of Arthritis, 23% report experiencing severe joint pain. Through this learning opportunity we will share how you can take a load off your joints, reduce pain, and Walk with Ease with Urban Poling! 

This webinar with feature Trina Radske-Suchan (PT, CSCS) and Nick Turkas Director of External Affairs at the Arthritis Foundation. 

This webinar will review:

  • Research backed benefits of Urban Poling for individuals living with Arthritis.
  • How to select the right poles for you
  • Overview & benefits of the Walk With Ease Program (Nick)
  • Urban Poling & Walk With Ease in action through CHP Community.
  • How you can support those living with Arthritis by implementing a program 
          through a community organization or within your own clinic (Nick)
  • Urban Poling & Walk With Ease in action through CHPcommunity (Trina)

Check out this video from the
Arthritis Society on Nordic Walking:

Trina Radske-Suchan,

Trina Radske-Suchan serves as the President of CHP community, a non profit organization in Iowa working alongside community partners helping to build healthier communities. She received her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa and has dedicated most of her career to promoting and advocating for healthier lifestyles to reduce the burden of disease and disability.  Trina has been instrumental in leading statewide health initiatives addressing chronic disease, health disparities, and in promoting fall prevention in aging populations. Trina has led the Walk With Ease Programs through the State of Iowa and has successfully incorporated Urban & Activator poles over the past two years

Nick Turkas,
 The Arthritis Foundation

Nick is currently the Director of External Affairs at the Arthritis Foundation and has been the driving force behind the Walk With Ease Program. Walk With Ease is a direct education program designed to promote awareness of proven and effective forms of physical activity for people living with arthritis including how to walk safely and comfortably and overall arthritis self-management.

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