Walking. Not just for women only


A lot of men see walking as an exercise reserved for the fairer sex or for older men who can only handle a less strenuous form of physical activity.

They are more inclined to go work out at the gym or go out for a jog or a run. Walking is the last resort. Period.

Should it be? Although it may take more time and you don’t see the results as fast as you would with more cardio intense workouts, walking is better for you in the long run.

It is an all inclusive form of exercise that boosts your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. If that’s not enough, research shows that walking on a regular basis

can help lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. Super-charge your walk and get that adrenaline pumping. Walk more, walk further, burn more calories and activate more

muscles. It’s simple, men can intensify their walk just by adding a pair of walking poles.  Poles help to strengthen their core and keep their upper body muscles engaged while providing them

with the full body workout they’re looking for plus all of the health benefits. Naturally, as with any exercise program, please be sure to check with your physician or therapist

before using.   As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. Walking is slower paced than jogging or running but it will get you where you want to go with all of the added perks and more!

Ready to learn why women may be wiser after all?

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