Urban Poling and Argentum Senior Living

Urban Poling and Argentum Senior Living

Active Living for Active Communities

Summarized by Dr. Agnes Coutinho PhD
 It is more important now than ever before, to ensure we are all finding ways for residents to stay active and healthy.
Walking, while maintaining adequate social distancing, is one of the few activities which is still being recommended globally and has already been determined to be one of the most life-altering forms of exercise.
The UP Active Living  Signature Program is evidence based to improve all researched benefits of taking a walk, both for our mind and body, but brings these benefits UP a notch!  Our evidence-based Activator® walking poles were developed for older adults by an OT and gerontologist  to facilitate walking indoors and  on outdoor walking pathways.   Watch our video for examples of innovative seated and standing exercises! 

Our Unique Offer in Support of ARGENTUM senior living communities

  • Minimum savings of 30% off with US and Canadian distributors
  • Preferred pricing on Urban Poling Academy Suit of CCU Approved Courses
  • Complimentary On-Boarding Webinar for Staff
  • Whether you choose to use our program for functional exercises or to support a walking program
  • Our goal is to help your residents  stay active and healthy.

Urban Poling Distributors

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty.
She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the heck she is!"
Ellen Degeneres 

We're Focused on the Fundamentals

– Improved Balance with four points of contact as opposed to two.
– Improved Strength through actively & consistently engaging core & upper body muscles.
– Improved Flexibility as nearly all the body’s muscles are working simultaneously.
– Improved Aerobic capacity, most importantly, to build endurance & resilience.

We’re NOT Your run of the mill walking, trekking or hiking pole!

 – Designed through the lens of an occupational therapist & gerontologist with unique features to support optimal performance, safety & reliability.
– Urban & Activator ® Poles are globally recognized, evidence-based, award winning & recommended by top doctors, surgeons, physical & occupational therapists and recreation professionals.
– WHY? Because we’re the BEST you’ll find……PERIOD.

Practical, accessible and affordable programming founded in education. Thank you Urban Poling - our villages love UP!

– AMY HARBIN, R.Kin Program for Active Living Coordinator, Schelgel Villages

I never thought I would start a craze in our town through our older adult programming, but that is exactly what has happened with our Urban Poling Program.

– Cheryl Philips, Older Adult Program Co-ordinator

Activator walking poles are phenomenal in older adult fitness classes. The four points of contact help improve posture balance, and security. But most important of all in the way that participants’ self-esteem goes off the chart.

– Don Ferguson, older adult fitness instructor

I enjoy walking now because my fears of injury are gone. I feel confident, stand taller and get a better workout. I love the ergonomic handles because my hands don’t get sore like they did from gripping my other poles.

– Bob Lewis

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