UP Cancer Wellness Course


Thank you for registering for the Urban Poling Cancer Wellness Course.

This course is divided into 10 sections and will take approximately one hour to complete.  You can pause the course at any point and resume at a later time and also re-watch any of the sections. Be sure you have your Urban Poles available before you begin.

Thank you for taking our course. We would greatly appreciate your feedback as this is a new course through our 1 minute survey (see link below)!


Section 1: Welcome Remarks
Section 2: What is UP ?
Section 3: Research; Benefits of Nordic Walking for Cancer Rehab
Section 4: Safety & Exercise Guidelines
Section 5: Lymphedema and Nordic Walking
Section 6: Colon Cancer and CIPN (Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy)
Section 7: Exercises
Section 8: Gait Patterns
Section 9: Urban Poling for Mental Health
Section 10: Group Activity-In the Community


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Core Fitness

Our strapless ergonomic handle was designed to develop “core fitness” as you walk. Pressing the outside edges of your hands against the wide base of the handle engages your core muscles and creates resistance that propels you forward.
– Mandy Shintani, OT

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