UP Cancer Wellness Course

UP Cancer Wellness Course

UP Cancer Wellness Course

Thank you for registering for the Urban Poling Cancer Wellness Course.
This course is divided into 10 sections and will take approximately one hour to complete.  You can pause the course at any point and resume at a later time and also re-watch any of the sections. Be sure you have your Urban Poles available before you begin.
Thank you for taking our course. We would greatly appreciate your feedback as this is a new course through our 1 minute survey (see link below)!

Resources and special links:

Course Sections:

The following section will review a variety of research articles on the benefits of Nordic Walking for Breast Cancer Survivors across categories such as shoulder function, range of motion, arm lymphedema and wellbeing/vitality.
Section 4 will review the safety and exercise guidelines one should consider when developing or working with patients/clients who currently have Cancer or are Cancer survivors. Topics in the section include: Aerobic and Resistance exercise guidelines as well as awareness of different phases of recovery.

This section will summarize the benefits of Nordic Walking for a reduction in Lymphedema. You will view a sample Lymphedema exercise routine as well as lymphatic flow exercises. Considerations and safety guidelines when working with individuals with Lymphedema will also be reviewed in this section.

Hear all about Judy’s Colon Cancer journey and how Nordic Walking could help those cope with Cancer Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN)

Learn how to incorporate Urban Poles for Range of Motion, Strength, Mobility and Balance exercises.

Review the unique benefits and value of a group activity such as Urban Poling for Cancer Survivors or those undergoing treatment currently.

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