The Importance of Self Care

Self-care is an important component of your total health and well-being. Self-care can be many things! It is not just a spa day it can be so much more and something you can take time to do every single day. Exercise is a great outlet for self-care and Urban Poling is a great form of exercise. Research shows that consistent exercise is linked to an increase in productivity and mental focus. Regular exercise can help you become more focused and present in your life. Exercise can improve a multitude of components of health. It can improve stress and overall moods by reorganizing the brain to increase resilience to stress and releasing endorphins. It can also increase confidence by achieving goals you set for exercise and personal accomplishment which can help you to build larger goals. Exercise can also improve your quality of sleep which is connected to quality of life and overall health. Exercise reduced anxiety, depression, and stress which improves sleep, the more regularly you exercise the more your sleep will improve.


Urban poling is a great way to start and maintain an exercise regimen to improve your self-care and overall wellbeing. Urban poling is just walking but with so many more benefits, such as 46% more calories burnt, total body engagement, and boost endorphins generated by aerobic activity. Urban poling is a great way to set goals to build stamina and gain that sense of personal achievement and confidence. Urban Poling is an excellent form of self-care so start taking care of yourself and total health and well-being today!

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