Surgery delayed because of Covid-19?

A pair of Activator poles can help.

One of the many Canadians impacted by the postponement and cancellation of elective surgeries due to Covid 19 is Pat, a vibrant, youthful woman in her late seventies who was scheduled to have replacement hip surgery in April.   Her right hip is giving her a bit of trouble and after already having waited for over a year, it’s anyone’s guess as to when she will finally have her surgery.  Pat is a retired health care worker who’s no stranger to orthopedic surgery, having had successful replacement surgery on both knees almost 20 years ago. She attributes her former bad knees as an occupational hazard along with her non-stop, active lifestyle. Since her energy levels haven’t changed, she’s not surprised to now be dealing with a bad hip. You should know that Pat is a firm believer that “Couch potatoes do not get bad hips.”

As someone who is not used to being house bound, Pat has had to make some changes to her daily routines during the pandemic.  Although she was normally out of the house by 9:00 most mornings to volunteer in her community or to participate in a local music program, she’s now keeping active and healthy at home. 


One activity that is second nature to her is chair yoga.  She’s been enjoying this twice a week for the last 10 years to help improve her upper body strength and the circulation in her legs. But that’s not all she does, Pat also uses weights for firming and toning and sliders to improve her balance. Combine all that with a positive attitude, and you’ve got a winning combination! 

Just recently, Pat started using our Activator poles, after being introduced to them by one of our Ottawa instructors, Nina Lepage.  Having known Nina for about 5 years, she trusted her opinion that the poles would be beneficial for her.  Given that her doctors had only recommended pain medication and anti-inflammatories to help with pain and mobility, Pat knew that it was up to her to explore other options and the Activator poles seem to fit the bill. 

After a quick but thorough safe- distance lesson from Nina, Pat learned how to use the poles.  Although she hasn’t ventured out with them yet because of the unusually cold weather, she is walking with them for about 30 minutes everyday, by using the space in her hallway, dining room and kitchen.  Pat is proof positive of the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” Her determination, energy level and positive attitude are second to none.  We will continue to check in with her and update you on her progress as she waits for her surgery, with a little help from her Activator poles.


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