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“We are excited to partner with Urban Poling to provide
instruction and added support for our boxers. The ACTIVATOR®
poles have enhanced our classes, providing improved motor
skills and improved gait quality for our boxers inside and outside
of the classroom.”

Keri Eisenberg, president of RSB

“We invested in a program that WE believed would benefit our fighters. We went big. We ordered 15 poles for class and another approximately 20 poles to sell in retail. We certified 5 coaches. Little did we know that 3 weeks later we would have sold all but 5 retail poles and only have 7 poles remaining for
classes-having sold most of our poles that were intended for classes. Nearly
EVERY person that came to the poling class (pwp and caregivers alike) walked
away with poles in hand looking over their shoulder saying “ charge it to my
account!” Awaiting our next order of poles. And we don’t anticipate the sales
slowing down.”

Sarrisa Curry
Founder The Parkinson’s Exercise
and Wellness Center, RSB Affiliate and Coach

“PD is constantly changing our fighters. Therefore, we are constantly seeking
ways to weaken its grip on the brain and body. Urban Poling is a remarkable
exercise in that it provides a mostly novel approach to something so relevant to
everyday life- walking. Walking with greater confidence, reduced load on knees, hips, and back, upper body activation, core strengthening, and increased
awareness of posture, balance, and gait function benefits every able walker with PD. It is significantly more strenuous than traditional walking. When it comes to vigorous, forced, intense, consistent, exercise Urban Poling should be added to everyone’s weekly exercise routine.”

Sarrisa Curry
Founder The Parkinson’s Exercise
and Wellness Center, RSB Affiliate and Coach

Activator® Poles are phenomenal in older adult classes. The 4 points of contact help improve posture, balance and security, but most important of all is the way participants self esteem goes off the chart!

Don Ferguson | Older adult fitness instructor

The Activator® Poles allow me to be mobile and without pain by taking the pressure o my joints. My gait is steadier and I feel confident that I won’t fall. Now that I am able to be more active, I am starting to lose weight. The Activator® Poles are giving me a new comfortable and promising lease on life.

Joyce (osteoarthritis & osteoporosis)

“Within minutes and with guidance, Harry integrated the use of the
Activator® poles into his gait. His cadence was steady and coordinated.
His risk of falls is diminished as his base of support has increased. His
postural asymmetry is decreased allowing him an increased visual eld.
The positive outcomes were immediate, I could go on. Harry was able to
adapt readily and the positive outcomes were immediate.”

Jasmin Joan Cameron, MSc (RHBS), BSc (OT)
For Harry McMurtry who walked 500 Miles
“Have You Tried Poling?” Blog for Parkinson’s

“Nordic Walking Holds Physical Therapy Advantages”

Christine Namey, MPT, Rehab Manager, Outpatient
& Home Health. Lutheran SeniorLife Rehab Services.

“Activator® Poles are phenomenal in older adult classes.
The 4 points of contact help improve posture, balance
and security, but most important of all is the way participants
self esteem goes off the chart!”

Don Ferguson
Older adult fitness instructor

“Urban Poling is one of the many awesome tools that helped with my
recovery from breast cancer treatment (namely surgery and radiation).
For someone who is used to being very active, they were essential in
strengthening my core muscles and regaining my overall physical health.”


“As a breast cancer survivor with heart complications, I was looking for
a more complete body workout, while walking. Urban poling seemed
like a gentle way to include some upper body exercise.
Lymphedema was a concern for me after my bilateral mastectomies,
due to the surgical removal of my lymph nodes. Including urban poling
in my walking routine, often helped to relieve the congested feeling in
my arm.”

Susan, Toronto Star article

“I After suffering three heart attacks, I was hospitalized for
some time and my muscles had atrophied to such an
extent that I had lost most of my upper body muscle mass.
After completing a cardiac rehab program, I started to use
Urban Poles and the impact was remarkable. Strength once
again returned to my upper body and my endurance
increased. I do believe that Urban Poling will eventually
bring me back to excellent health.”


“Based on recent evidence coming from Canada, we recommend to our
patients to progress in the first few weeks, whenever comfortable, from
using crutches to using specialised walking canes (Activator® Poles) to aid
mobilisation and encourage normalising their gait pattern.” 

Dr. Mihai Vioreanu is a highly experienced, Irish-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon
with expertise in knee and hip surgery obtained in Canada and Australia

For the past 5 years I have consistently recommended the Activator poles to
patients in my surgical practice. They have been especially helpful for spinal stenosis patients who have undergone surgical decompression and extension osteotomy patients who have had surgery for positive sagittal balance. They have been instrumental in promoting an upright posture and a functional walking pattern compared to canes and walkers. In my opinion they facilitate rehabilitation and return patients to optimal function faster.

Charles G. Fisher, MD MHSc FRCSC,
Surgery of the Spine Past President of the Canadian Spinal Society

I immediately understood the benefits of the ACTIVATOR® poles as an
alternative to canes, crutches and even walkers. The poles encourage an upright and symmetrical posture, rather than the forward lean of a walker or an asymmetrical lean from one cane. There is also an immediate reduction in lower extremity pain when weight bearing as well as improved balance and walking confidence.

Dolores Langford, Physiotherapist
Quote from British Columbia Physical Therapy Association Magazine

Activator® poles are an excellent new tool for improving balance, posture
and walking tolerance!

Cathy McNorgan

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