Postponed Surgery? You’re Not Alone

As the days and months go by and one day blends into the next, one thing is for sure – Covid 19 has changed our daily lives in a way we could never have imagined, only a few months ago.  We long to get back to the way things were and treasure the everyday things that we once took for granted- like going out to a movie, mall or restaurant. Working remotely, distance learning and video chats are the new norm and have replaced face to face contact and regular social interaction.  Physical distancing has forced us to stay at home to help flatten the curve and prevent further community spread but it often comes with a price not always seen but definitely felt-our physical and mental wellbeing.

Calls to mental help lines have skyrocketed and thousands of elective surgeries have either been cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic.

But what do these wait times look like? On average, Canadians can wait from 4 months to 1 year depending on the type of surgery needed and the province you live in.  The wait for hip and knee replacements, the wait is typically longer.  The same is true in the US where tens of thousands of patients are now waiting 3 to 6 months or more for scheduled elective surgeries, depending on the state. But don’t be fooled by the word “elective”. It doesn’t mean that the surgery isn’t needed or that it can be postponed indefinitely. Quite the opposite. The longer you wait, the more permanent damage can be caused.

So where does that leave us?  Well, if you’re waiting for hip or knee surgery-it leaves you living with pain longer and with more limited mobility. But don’t despair! Everyday doesn’t have to feel the same.

Not when it comes to your pain and mobility.  Exercise is always the best medicine and nothing quite beats walking to help keep those joints lubed and moving. But it’s often easier said than done, especially with painful joints. As with any exercise program, be sure to consult your physician or therapist before using.  So take a load off with our Activator poles! They’ll keep you moving and support you along the way. Pick up a pair.  Your hips and knees will thank you!

  **The information in this publication/presentation is not intended as advice to be relied on, but is merely intended for informational purposes only.  The testimonials are those of independent therapists and healthcare professionals and are not a guarantee of results.  The reader should not rely on this publication but should consult current rehabilitation techniques.  Urban Poling Inc. and its employees and representatives do not accept any liability for this information contained in this publication or any damages.

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