General Public – Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis (OA)


Learn how ACTIVATOR ℗ and Urban Poles are an excellent tool for those with hip and knee OA as well as for pre/post hip and knee surgery rehabilitation (when appropriate).  There are 9 studies specifically on the ACTIVATOR Poles and 280+ independent peer reviewed studies on Nordic walking listed on PubMed.

Benefits include:

-Reduced impact off the affected hip/knee joints
-Promotes normal walking pattern to protect injury to the  unaffected joints
-Improved posture
-Promotes weight management
-Improved walking tolerance to improve outcomes for post surgery recovery
-Motivating tool for seated/standing exercises
-Improved balance to help minimize the risk of falls
-Enjoyable way to stay active and improve mood!


  • Learn about the research on hip and knee OA
  • Understand how to utilize the design and technique of the Urban Poles for fitness & ACTIVATOR ® Poles for pre/post joint replacement surgery
  • Learn about sample exercises with poles for hip and knee OA
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Mandy Shintani, reg. OT (BC) & Gerontologist
Guest Speaker:
Lisa Dykeman, Physiotherapist
Friday, August 16, 2019 (click on button below to watch recording)
General Public

*Any new exercise program should be done under the guidance of your physician and/or rehabilitation professional

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