Exercise: a prescription for better health and a longer life

By Catherine Cameron

If you’re not taking your daily dose of exercise, you’re shortchanging yourself. Without it, you’re at greater risk of diseases such as diabetes, some forms of cancer, from heart attack and stroke, and many more diseases. Many Canadians remain unaware that premature deaths due to inactivity are said to be on par with those from smoking. Click here for six reasons to make every day more active.

It’s time to fill your prescription for exercise! Regular exercise makes us healthier and happier. It boosts our energy, increases our confidence, staves off dementia, helps us sleep better, and offers incredible mental health benefits. In fact, it’s a prescription for health we should begin taking as babies and take for life. Our bodies were made to move!

Wondering where to fill your prescription? I suggest slipping on or lacing up a pair of comfortable shoes and simply venturing outdoors. Start with a walk and see where your feet take you. Walk further and faster as you are ready, or add pole to your walks for even greater health benefits. Learn how to be an active role model for your kids.

Unlike most prescriptions, when it comes to this exercise, the more you take the better. Adults need at least 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity every week for health bTwo young women Nordic walkingenefits and there are proven health benefits to even short periods… like 10 minutes.

It’s never too late to commit to an active lifestyle and the benefits are immediate. You may not see them right away, but each time you exercise, small miracles are at work inside your body. Exercise is medicine!

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