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Step UP with Urban Poling

Presented by: Lisa Workman, certified exercise physiologist, fitness writer, presenter and group exercise instructor. She also was awarded recognition as a Global Personal Trainer to Watch Top Ten Finalist by worldwide leader, Life Fitness in 2015. Photo is attached.

This webinar answers your questions about what is Urban Poling and what are the benefits.  Lisa Workman explains how poling burns up to 46% more calories, provides a full body workout, improves posture and helps to off loading on hip and knee joints.   Other benefits include; improved mood and vitamin N for nature!

Active Rehab for Stroke with Specialized Walking Poles

Presented by: Mandy Shintani, Reg OT(BC) & Gerontologist.
Mandy Shintani, OT & Gerontologist and developer of the ACTIVATOR Poles describes the benefits of using poles for clients with a stroke compared to using canes for those with mild strokes and how to modify the technique and poles for those with an affected arm with limited movement.


Presented by: Mandy Shintani, Reg OT(BC) & Gerontologist.
Guest Speaker:
Peter Vavougios, physiotherapist

Physiotherapist, Peter Vavougois describes the symptoms of a variety of arthritic conditions and the benefits of using ACTIVATOR Poles including; reduced impact on painful joints, improved strength, increased walking tolerance and managing pain.   

Cardiac Health

Guest Speaker: John Sawdon, MA. Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, Executive Director of the CTI, Canadian Training Institute.
Diana Oliver, co-owner of Urban Poling.

John Sawdon explains why Urban Poling is a very effective activity for cardiac rehabilitation to increase your cardiovascular workout and weight management.   


Guest Speaker: Claudia Mariano MSc, NP-PHC, CDE Manager, Practice and Policy at Nurse Practitioners' Association of Ontario (NPAO).
Mandy Shintani, Reg OT(BC) & Gerontologist.

Nurse Practitioner, Claudia Mariano explains why Urban Poling is a great activity for those with diabetes for weight management and an easy, fun way to stay active to manage blood glucose levels.


Guest Speaker: Keegan Bow, Neurological Therapist, Klint Intensive Neuro Therapies
Mandy Shintani, Reg. OT(BC) & Gerontologist.

Physiotherapist Keegan Bow, from Melbourne, Australia discusses how he uses ACTIVATOR Poles for a variety of neurological conditions for normalizing gait patterns, improved posture, increased walking tolerance and improved coordination.

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