Parkinson’s Awareness Month

RECORDED | Restoring Gait & Finding a New Sense of Balance with Parkinson’s Every Step of the Way

Join us to learn about the life altering impact of adding the evidence based Activator® Program to support  those living with Parkinson’s.  Hear testimonials from internationally recognized bloggers with PD, podcasters, and  worldwide rehabilitation professionals  who have experienced the incredible benefits of using the Activator® Poles to improve balance, endurance, physical activity & mobility, help restore a more natural walking pattern to reduce shuffling and poor posture, and most importantly, promote peace of mind.  
– Experiences and Testimonials
– Brief Research Review – 16 Studies on PD (PubMed) & 16 Studies on Activator Poles
– Learn the Urban Poling Technique for Fitness and Increasing Intensity
– Learn the ACTIVATOR Technique for Balance and Stability
– Learn 10 Innovative and Fun Seated and Standing Exercises
– Live Q & A with Mandy Shintani, OT & Gerontologist
– Learn about the Parkinson’s Wellness Course (4 Hours) on May 18, 2021 for Instructors & Therapists
Mandy Shintani, occupational therapist, gerontologist and founding director of Urban Poling Inc, will share her experiences on why the Activator® Program has made such an impact on so many living with Parkinson’s.  She will highlight the ever growing research studies and provide an overview of  available training programs for health & medical fitness professionals globally. Whether you are someone living with Parkinson’s, a caregiver or a health & wellness professional working with Parkinson’s clients – this webinar is for you!  Join us in taking a stable step in the right direction to help those living with Parkinson’s Walk Their Way To Better Health!
We couldn’t be happier of the positive impact that our Urban and Activator poles and educational programs have made on the lives of so many with Parkinson’s.
Walking with poles offers a much needed  form of physical activity that can easily be added to any daily exercise routine while providing a welcome and
effective alternative to more traditional passive devices like canes and walkers. Learning to use them is fun and easy because it’s like normal walking with but with many added perks.
In fact, evidence-backed research shows that walking with poles improves leg stride, supports a more natural gait pattern and reduces shuffling in Parkinson’s clients.
What’s more, urban poling is a fun and easy activity which is a motivating factor in sticking with a daily exercise routine.
So here’s to keeping you moving longer and standing taller with our poles at your side!

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