Live Virtual American Native Conference

Live Virtual American Native Conference

Next Virtual LIVE Conference – April 27, 2022  from 12 to 4 pm EST

Learn how Urban Poling aka Nordic walking is a fun, low impact and highly effective activity for both Fall Prevention and Diabetes Programs.  Mandy Shintani,  occupational therapist and gerontologist, recently presented at  the American Indians Elders Conference with NICOA on this evidence-based activity with proven researched benefits for improving balance, walking ability, confidence and greater adherence to exercise versus regular walking to better manage blood glucose levels.  As walking continues to be an approved activity that you can enjoy safely, Urban Poling is a great way to keep your community active and fit!  
This fun and easy to learn, full body workout is backed by 360 studies and has been adopted by Indigenous communities across Canada since 2006. Our beautiful Spirit poles were designed by Indigenous artist, Jordan Stranger.  
Our NA Instructor course includes how to launch this program for both walking and innovative seated and standing exercises for Fall Prevention Programs that can be done within one’s home or as a group activity program.

 Why Urban Poling is Perfect for your Community Now and Beyond

    1. It helps balance your blood sugar—The full-body workout helps keep blood sugars in a healthy range.
    2. It’s a fun social workout—Invite family members and friends to experience all of the health benefits with you!
    3. Elders love the use of Activator Poles as an more healthy option to canes and to reduce or delay the use of walkers. 
    4. Featuring unique graphics, our Spirit poles are designed to inspire walkers to follow a path to good health and spiritual well-being, drawing on the strength and beauty of nature and on the Elk Spirit as a guide
    5. Urban Poling is a women-owned business that has been working with Indigenous communities since 2006 and is a proud partner of the National Indigenous Diabetes Association and Diabetes Canada.  

Next Virtual LIVE Conference – April 27, 2022  from 12 to 4 pm EST


-Review researched benefits of Urban Poling/pole walking
-Discover how the program has been implemented successfully in Indigenous communities across Canada
– How to adjust your Spirit & ACTIVATOR poles
– How to use Urban Poling technique (with Spirit poles) to manage weight and diabetes
– How do the ACTIVATOR technique for balance for Elders
Fun seated and standing exercises for Elders’ Fall prevention programs 
– Guidelines for setting up outdoor and indoor programs for adults and Elders.  
Become a designated Urban Poling Instructor upon completion of the course.   This course is approved for 4 CCUs by ACE, ACSM and FAI & 10 fitness and health associations in Canada.
Date: Wed April 27, 2022
Time: 12 to 4 pm EST (9 to 1 pm PST)
Presenters: Mandy Shintani, Occupational Therapist & Gerontologist.  Past Community based OT for Squamish First Nation
Email if you are interested in us teaching a live course in your community.  We can provide group rate

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Virtual Native American Conference
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Virtual Native American Conference
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Mandy Shintani 
Occupational therapist & gerontologist

Mandy Shintani is the founder of Urban Poling and has more than 30 years experience as an occupational therapist and  gerontologist.  She worked as a community OT at the Squamish First Nation for 5 years.  She used her skills as an OT to develop the Activator poles and walking technique designed specifically for elders and rehabilitation and the Urban Poling technique for diabetes management.   Our poles have been used in Indigenous communities across Canada to promote wellness and active living, since 2006.  More than 5,500  therapists and wellness professionals internationally have completed her courses.  


Urban Poling is a local,  women-owned Canadian company that has been offering training to Indigenous communities since 2005.   
The company is proud to have been a partner with the National Indigenous Diabetes Association and
the Canadian Diabetes Association.

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