Active Living with MS

Evidence-based studies clearly identify poling, with the proper training, as a healthy mode of physical activity suited for improving quality of life. Walking poles offer proven beneficial effects on general key heath parameters which may include:

  • Increased balance & stability
  • Improved posture
  • Increase in core strength
  • Increase in walking tolerance
  • Increases independence in activities
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased stress, fatigue and depression

Read how Soprano’s actress and MS advocate Jamie Lynn Sigler uses her ACTIVATOR® Poles; click here to read article.

Why Health Professionals recommend the ACTIVATOR® Poles for MS

Activator poles are an excellent new tool for improving balance, posture and walking tolerance!
Cathy McNorgan physiotherapist

ACTIVATOR® Poles were designed by a Canadian therapist with unique features for increased stability and greater weight bearing capacity. Features include:

  • Ergonomic handle for core strength
  • Strapless for reducing the risk of injury
  • Secure button locking system
  • Stable bell shaped tip for stability

Consult your physician or therapist before using the poles if you currently use a cane or walker, have any medical condition which affects your balance, stability, grip strength, vision, depth judgement or co-ordination, or if you are currently recovering from injury or surgery.

I have MS and purchased your poles when I couldn’t take a walk longer than 20 mins. I recently returned from a trip to Europe where I was able to walk for hours on end! I enjoyed city tours, castle tours, and mountain hiking! The poles gave me the extra balance I needed and not having to work so hard to walk or climb, gave me endurance! Thank you

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Provide variety in your routine, try double poling

Use the standard rhythm and technique, but swing both arms forward at the same time planting the boot tips slightly behind the handles. Then, keeping your arms straight, press down on the base of the handles, walk between your poles and feel your arms extend past your thighs and behind your body.
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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