Active Living with Arthritis

Urban Poling seniorsLearn why therapists and rheumatologists recommend ACTIVATOR™ poles & technique for active therapy to improve ROM, strength, posture, walking tolerance and reducing pressure off of painful hip, knee, ankle and foot joints.  It is also an effective tool for staying active with friends and family and has a greater effect on depression compared to regular walking.  The unique ACTIVATOR poles & technique were designed by an occupational therapist with an ergonomic CoreGrip and other features specifically for increasing safety and stability.  They are being used extensively instead of passive mobility devices such as canes, crutches and even walkers (under the assessment of a therapist).

Webinar includes: Research (over 187 studies – PubMed), ACTIVATOR technique to achieve greater off-loading and balance, addressing specific arthritic conditions like Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, RA, OA (hips & knees) & OP, Urban Poling/Nordic walking technique for your own wellness & training for Arthritis Walks and tips on how to motivate your challenging client to stay active to maintain their function.

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the-arthritis-society-175x114Urban Poling is a Proud Partner of the Arthritis Society

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