6 Reasons Physical Therapists Love Our ACTIVATOR® Program

May is Physical Therapy Month in the United States! We have had the honor of working with renowned physical therapists both in the USA and abroad who have shared with us how we can improve our program for better client outcomes. Here are just 6 reasons why physical therapists love our Activator® Program & Poles!


  1. Inspired and Designed By A Therapist: Our programs & FDA-approved equipment are expertly designed through the lens of an occupational therapist and gerontologist, Mandy Shintani! Mandy provides guidance through her thoughtful and personal approach and is known all over the world for her leadership and expertise in this space.
  2. Evidence-Based: There are over 300 independent studies on the benefits of Nordic Walking and 17 studies on the Activator® and Urban Poles in particular. You can learn about them here.
  3. Outcome-Driven: The Activator® program is evidence-based and improves outcomes for balance, gait, posture, and core strengthening for conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Spinal Stenosis, Cancer, Pre/Post Hip & Knee Surgery, Multiple Sclerosis, Vestibular Conditions, Cardiac Health, and more!
  4. Accredited Education for Therapists: Each Activator® course allows physical therapists to be certified in the Activator® Program for specific conditions and features physiotherapists specializing in corresponding conditions as guest speakers. Our courses also allow PTs to earn CCUs Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy under Pro-Cert and the American College of Sports Medicine.
  5. Resources for Clinics & Clients: Don’t reinvent the wheel! Many resources are available to support launching the program in your clinic including condition-specific one-pagers, videos, stock photography, and sample posters. Take advantage of our complimentary webinars which are a great way to let your clients know that you are offering this fun, easy and accessible program!
  6. Marketable: Expanding the 4 walls of the clinic! The Activator® & Urban Poling program motivates clients to go outdoors and experience therapy beyond the clinic doors. The Activator® program allows physical therapists to create a dynamic therapy experience for their clients both indoors and outdoors for a fun and social session.
  7. The FUN factor!  Your clients will love this treatment approach!  Not only are the Activator® poles beneficial for specific conditions and recreation, but they also support overall health by providing a total body workout and by burning up to 46% more calories than regular walking alone!


We are honored to be working with such progressive physical therapists and thrilled that their clients are reaping the benefits of having the Activator Program incorporated into their therapy sessions!

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