10 reasons to love our poles

      1.  The ergonomic CoreGrips target your core
        Feel your abs tighten each time you push off and propel yourself forward with your poles.
      2. No pesky straps
        It’s easy to just grab-and-go with our strapless handles. No fussing with Velcro or adjusting of straps; Push off using the handles’ wide base. Prevent injuries that sometimes happen by being strapped into poles.
      3. They’re super-portable
        You can easily collapse them to store in your trunk, closet or Urban Poling carry bag. Our Adventure poles fit easily into carry-on luggage.
      4. Use them year round
        The carbide tips, boot tips, snow baskets and trekking baskets make our poles suitable for all seasons and surfaces.
      5. They won’t shrink unexpectedly
        Once you extend and lock your poles in place, they stay put (unlike some brands of poles that get shorter as you walk).
      6. They’re adjustable
        Share your poles with friends and family. They easily adjust in length for users from 4’2” to 6’2”. To adjust them, extend the poles until you see your printed height then lock in place and go.
      7. There’s a soft, springy landing
        Our rubber (not plastic!) boot tips provide a soft landing and push-off. No jarring of your elbows or shoulders.
      8. They’re whisper-quiet
        Our superior locking system and two anti-vibration features eliminate any annoying rattling sounds.
      9. High quality guaranteed
        Our beautiful poles come with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
      10. We’re 100% Canadian and here for you!


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