Review: ACTIVATOR® Poles for Parkinson’s Disease

Our poles have been vital in helping many individuals with Parkinson’s disease carry on their activities of daily living. Prescribed as best practices for neurorehabilitation in Canada and abroad, ACTIVATOR® Poles improve all aspects of gait including stride, posture, speed, and arm swing (see video below). Patented ACTIVATOR® Poles are recognized as an effective option to canes to delay or reduce the use of walkers (under the direction of a physical therapist). One of our clients got the ACTIVATOR® poles for his wife who has Parkinson’s disease and found many benefits!


“My wife was looking for some sturdy walking poles which have been shown to help Parkinson’s patients with walking exercise. Her arms don’t naturally move when she walks, and the poles help to keep her upper body in motion. And also helps with posture. We tried some others with straps, but they didn’t work as well. She like the handles and the adjustment on these and they don’t slip like some of the other types of poles. She felt it was worth the value for the money”


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