Review: ACTIVATOR® Poles For Mobility

Urban Poling’s ACTIVATOR® poles are great for many chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, MS, spinal stenosis, stroke, Parkinson’s, and more. Additionally, ACTIVATOR® poles are a great resource for individuals who may need more help with their balance and mobility. ACTIVATOR® poles are uniquely designed by an occupational therapist to foster balance and stability. The bell-shaped tips keep the poles upright to provide greater stability and balance why you walk in addition to ergonomic CoreGrip handles which foster abdominal engagement which strengthens your core and therefore your balance. These handles also encourage off-loading from lower extremity joints! Here is a quote from one of our clients who use ACTIVATOR® poles to address their mobility issues.


“The quality of these is great. They are sturdy and I like the wider sized rubber bottom. I have mobility difficulties, and this is the 1st poles I have seen with this bottom.”

– J

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