Annual ANPT 2021 Conference

Urban Poling is thrilled to announce its participation in the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy (ANPT) 1st “Virtual” Annual Conference in 2021. Content will be available September 8 with the virtual “live” conference October 1-3. As a leading innovator in neurologic physical therapy practice, ANPT’s annual conference will provide a platform to tailor your professional development to your needs. During this conference, leaders from around the world will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits that the Activator poles offered by Urban Poling, have on clients living with any neurological condition. Research has shown and recognized that physical activity can induce multiple positive effects on the brain and exercise remains a powerful source to impact neurological development. Join us in our presentation and visit our booth to learn the best strategies to maintain a healthy neurological system and the tremendous positive impact that can be induced by performing Nordic Walking. We look forward to seeing you there!

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