Curbing diabetes one step at a time

If you haven’t already seen this feature piece on Diabetes from the CBC, you should! As many of us know already, Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise in Canada and some might even call it an epidemic. However, as one of the panelists states in this interesting feature, what is driving this epidemic is more related to our lifestyle choices and our knowledge of and access to healthier choices.

Each of the four panelists interviewed weighed in on this question: What’s The Most Important Thing That Has to Happen To Curb the Rise of Diabetes in Canada? Here is a summary of what they had to say:

  1. Targeting the high-Caloric fast food industry to offer healthier options
  2. Increasing physical activity – take the stairs, take a WALK, ride a bike
  3. Improve our communities such that they are more WALKABLE
  4. Target Young People, Young Families, and educate them on the importance of an active lifestyle and cooking wholesome meals.

There is a common thread between these targets and the Urban Poling mission. The mission is to raise awareness about the health benefits of the activity of urban poling, which involves 90% of muscles. When we exercise, our muscle cells take in sugar from the blood (blood glucose) without needing the hormone insulin. Thus, when we are urban poling, we are using most of the muscles in the body to lower blood glucose. This activity is ideal sine the more muscles that are involved the better! Here is what one happy client had to say about how Urban Poling helped her manage her Type 2 Diabetes. There are thousands just like her.

“I have type 2 diabetes, and have found it very difficult to lose weight, and to control my blood sugar levels. Now I am finally having some success. My blood sugar levels are not completely under control, but getting there. I have lost 9 pounds and losing inches in my clothing. Purchasing the Urban Poles is one of the best decisions I have made. I used to really dislike walking, but using the poles have added a whole new dimension and are a very strong motivator”.


As was mentioned many times during this CBC panel discussion, prevention is where we need to place more focus as a society. At Urban Poling we believe PREVENTION IS THE CURE. Take the advice from the experts and learn more about our options for families to become and stay active together in our newly launched SPIRITED FAMILY PACK – $351.96 (4 Pairs of Spirit Poles)

Our popular Diabetes Self-Management Course is an excellent tool to learn and understand more about what the activity of urban poling and its benefits in managing and preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

Let’s Tip The Scales Canada, Walk Your Way to Better Health with Urban Poling!

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