The AAOS Annual Meeting

Urban Poling is delighted to announce that from August 31st to September 3rd, we will be presenting at The AAOS Annual Meeting. Valuable information related to pre and post hip & knee surgery will be delivered, as well as key and unique tips on how best to undergo restoration with the Activator poles. Urban Poling is a revolutionary, rapidly expanding form of Medical Fitness and rehabilitation that utilizes Urban and Activator walking poles. Activator poles have FDA approval and unique features that improve patients outcomes for conditions limiting daily function. Evidence research supports Activator Poles as part of a hip & knee pre-hab & rehab protocol as this helps reduce the impact on knee & hip joints, improve pain management, posture, balance & stability, and have a higher exercise tolerance, healthy weight management, and increased gait speed. Experts in the area from across the globe will be attending and sharing experiences in the area. Reserve your spot for our presentation, visit our booth, and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

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