February is #HeartHealth Month – Nordic Walking Warms The Heart!

February is Heart Health Month and each year fantastic organizations like the Cardiac Health Foundation and the Heart and Stroke Foundation aim to educate Canadians about the risks associated with heart disease and measures that we can all take to both prevent but also recognize the signs of a heart attack or stroke.

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, one way to improve your heart health is by doing something you already know and love: Urban Poling! It’s an easy way to get some extra steps in with some added benefits you wouldn’t get from regular walking – although CTV News has reported that “people with a glucose-tolerance problem – a driver of diabetes and cardiovascular disease – can cut the risk of heart attack or stroke by simply walking an additional 2,000 steps per day” (to read the rest of this article, click here). Why not aim to get those extra 2,000 steps in with the added benefits of Urban Poling? It burns 20-46% more calories than walking without poles, and in addition to these weight loss benefits, it can also help lower blood pressure and improve blood cholesterol levels. Furthermore, Urban Poling can also be a part of the rehabilitation process following a stroke or cardiac event, as a number of hospitals across Canada are now offering Urban Poling aka Nordic Walking as part of their rehabilitative program.  For more information on the health benefits related to Urban Poling/Nordic Walking click here.

As an opportunity to stay active and get in some heart pumping activity, you can sign up to register for some of the upcoming events where fellow Urban Polers are sure to be!

Support John Fenton’s Team of Nordic Kids this February in the Coldest Night of the Year! His team’s fundraising goal is to raise $50,000 toward the Yonge Street Mission in Toronto.  Even if you can’t attend, be sure to support this fantastic man and worthy cause.  To sign-up for Team Fenton visit the team page.

You can also register by visiting The Coldest Night of the year  and when asked what team you’d like to join, type in TEAM FENTON.

Aligned to #HeartHealth – SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming Walk Of Life in support of the Cardiac Health Foundation.

Also SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming World Partnership Walk this coming May.

Wish you a heart-warming month & Valentines’ Day! #HeartMonth #ValentinesDay

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