Active Living for Cancer Rehab

Summarized by Dr. Agnes Coutinho PhD.

The Canadian Cancer Society recommends incorporating regular physical activity, as part of a healthy lifestyle and weight management plan to prevent the development of certain types of cancer (especially colon and breast cancer). We want to thank all of our clients who have shared their experiences of using our poles through their personal treatment and recovery-phase. Your touching and inspirational stories have helped to motivate others to try our program and experience the benefits for themselves. As you have told us and research supports, walking with poles versus walking without poles may help boost self-esteem, improve sleep and energy levels, as well as lower depression and anxiety, while helping with pain management. 

Research Benefits

Evidence-based studies clearly identify Urban Poling, with the proper training, as a healthy mode of physical activity suited for improving quality of life. Urban Poling offers proven health beneficial which may include:

  • Improved quality of life, social interaction, self-esteem
  • Improved functional independence
  • Increased core strength
  • Decreased level of anxiety or depression
  • Reduced lymphedema, swelling & tightness
  • Increased upper extremity and strength – especially for            breast cancer
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Improved posture, stability & balance
  • Increased exercise tolerance
  • Increased personal exertion limits
For ACTIVATOR Poles for balance and stability

We are proud to support cancer wellness programs across Canada and the USA by donating 2% of 4Life pole sales. We are currently accepting 4Life grant applications. Email for our one page application.

4Life Poles for active rehab programs for breast cancer
Contact: for professional pricing for clinics and community programs.

"Most people gain weight during chemotherapy because they are exhausted with a total lack of stamina” she said. With lifestyle changes including a change in diet, Gabriela Valente’s stamina kept up and actually improved over the course of her treatment. Valente says that in the midst of her treatment, she was walking more than three kilometers a day. “I found as I went on I really appreciated it because it calmed me down and became a form of meditation".

– Gabriela Valente, from CBC Live Right Now Article

Most of our breast cancer clients practice Urban Poling, however, we highly recommend the ACTIVATOR poles designed for greater stability for clients with a neuropathy in their feet (numbness, tingling, pain) or post abdominal, chest surgery as they help provide assistance for balance, stability and encourage an upright and aligned posture to minimize rounded shoulders.

– Joanne Morgan (Kin) & Sarah Weller (Kin)

For someone who is used to be being very active, Urban Poling helped me with my core strengthening and regaining my physical health. It was one of the many awesome tools that supported my recovery from breast cancer (surgery and radiation).

– Cheryl

Consult your physician or therapist before using the poles if you currently use a cane or walker, have any medical condition which affects your balance, stability, grip strength, vision, depth perception, judgement or co-ordination, of if you are currently recovering from injury or surgery.

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