Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award – November

For this month’s Wendi Paterson Award winners, we’d like to acknowledge not two individuals but rather two community groups who embody our “UPYourFitness” mantra: Ryde Community Co-op Inc. and Bayfield Urban Poling.

Ryde Community Co-op is a not-for-profit organization which fosters local wellbeing and improvement by offering various programs and services–one being Urban Poling. President of Ryde Community, Nancy Cronin, is an active user of urban poles and has seen first-hand the incredible changes they have made to her health. Utilizing her lead position in the group and her love of urban poling, Nancy is even investigating how to bring “inclusion of all ages in this wonderful multigenerational sport” via a district grant! Undoubtedly, pole walking in Nancy’s community has grown over the past three years because of her vivacious spirit and the fact that they have won the 2019 Gravenhurst Spirit Award, is a fine testament of strong leadership. Thank you, Ryde Community, for so beautifully leading by example what it means to make a positive impact in the community and help support others along the journey to better health.

Bayfield Urban Poling (UP) is our other award recipient and they began when Urban Poling Inc. itself got started, which was roughly 15 years ago! Polers participate in scheduled group walks, treading the beautiful scenic paths Bayfield is known for, all the while improving their overall fitness. Bayfield UP also participates in the Santa Claus parade every year in their hometown. They dress up in festive gear like Rudolph antlers and Santa hats, and also add a bit of holiday sparkle to their poles! One thing is certainly clear: when it comes to stepping into better health (and the jolly season!), Bayfield surely knows how to do it with style! Kudos to you Bayfielders for keeping Nordic walking alive for so many years and for lighting up the season with a joyous spirit…and a healthy step!


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