Walk of Fame – Mary Beth Eckersley

Mary Beth Eckersley is truly a role model for cancer survivors and for all of us.  Her journey with cancer started with stage three breast cancer in 2012.  She previously had survived cervical cancer 30 years earlier.  Despite multiple invasive surgeries and chemotherapy, Mary Beth has kept a very positive outlook.

Cancer has given me some pretty cool stuffI am just a cancer survivor trying to be better than I was yesterday and some days are a real challenge

Keeping active has also been a key aspect of recovery and Mary Beth recently completed the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, became an Urban Poling Instructor, as well as completing her first triathlon in Olds Alberta called the Tri-Diva-Tri Event.

IMG_6335 (2)

It was 11 lengths of the pool 11 km bike ride and then a 2.5 k walk or run.  It was a women only event.  My goal was to finish and I did. ”







This month, Mary Beth was also being featured on the cover of Leap Magazine proudly displaying her 4Life poles!  Inside is an inspiring story of how she used blogging to cope with cancer and also provide an opportunity to provide support to other survivors.  To read her story and blog click here http://myleapmagazine.ca/2015/06/summer-2015/.   We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!!



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