Walk of Fame – Customer emails

Thank you to our customers who submitted stories for our Walk of Fame Contest…

Gloria – Cruising around the world!

I got my poles in 2011 and use them nearly everyday regardless of the weather.    I even took them to Australia last year where I caught a 28 day cruise from Sydney to Vancouver – so I walked round the ship twice a day – a mile each time.   In September I am planning a trip to the UK and will be taking them with me.   I suffer a lot from vertigo and find they give me confidence.   I am 82 years of age and would recommend these poles to everybody regardless of age.

Myfawny – “I don’t go walking without my urban poles”

I love my adventure urban poles! Initially, I purchased the poles, and thought I would take a few lessons to get the proper technique and go on my own. I registered with the City of Sudbury Trails4Life Rainbow Routes, and started going out a few times per week and was subsequently asked to take an instructors course with Louise Hickey. Great course and I just love urban poling. When I am not with the group, I often go at a faster pace on my own. Great sport!! I have always tried to keep very active in exercise and with urban poling in my life now, I will continue to keep fit. I don’t go walking without my urban poles and I tell everyone about this great fitness exercise. Happy urban poling!

Mary – Bronze winner at the 55 Plus Games

Thank you for the introduction to Urban Poling. I entered the 1km predicted Nordic poling walk at 55 Plus Games in Manitoba and received a bronze. It was a lot of fun and I met some really neat pole walkers from across our great province.

Pat – 800 km walk on the Camino de Santiago

I am in my 50’s and have been an Urban Pole walker for years. I own a set of each of your poles and lend them to family members and friends to try because I am so pleased with them. To date I have gained a number of ‘converts’ and am presently ‘working on’ my 91 year old mother who is an avid walker. As a nurse, I am passionate about the role ‘prevention’ plays in our health. Physical exercise is paramount in health promotion. Its role in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to avoiding and keeping at bay so many chronic and severe illnesses. Because walking is something we all do naturally, the effort it takes to walk is considerably less than what it takes, for example, to run or jog. I am far more successful in convincing a client to begin a walking program than any other form of exercise.   Using Urban Poles when walking helps the walker maintain balance, they help to tone arm muscles and strengthen core abdominal muscles, and the poles work to alleviate strain on hip and knee joints. I am well aware of the benefits that come from Urban Poling, and this year I experienced these benefits in a very personal way.

I have just returned from a two month trek in Europe, having successfully completed the 800 km walk from France, across Spain – ‘The Camino de Santiago’ – to Finisterre (The End of the Earth – the far west coast of Spain). In preparation for this journey, I walked for months on country roads around my home using my Urban Poles…. hills, valleys, gravel roads, pavement, natural grassland – my poles served me well through all the variety of terrain and training.   Thanks to my walking poles, I avoided numerous falls as we slipped across slabs of black rock shale, and gingerly stepped through twisting crevices along narrow pathways. Having successfully completed the Camino with no injuries, I am convinced that as I continue to walk with my Urban Poles, I will be walking for many years to come ….






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