Urban Poling and Rock Steady Boxing

Urban Poling and Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing & Urban Poling Inc.

Urban Poling Inc. is pleased to introduce a program that will be specifically designed in partnership with Rock Steady Boxing to help improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s Disease . This proven approach is based on the fundamentals of our evidenced based programs which have been recognized to support those living with PD improve balance and stability in addition to physical fitness & strength.

We’re Focused on the Fundamentals

• Improved Balance and Stability with four points of contact as opposed to two.
• Improved Strength through actively & consistently engaging core &
   upper body muscles.
• Improved Gait & Flexibility as nearly all the body’s muscles are working       
• Improved Aerobic capacity, most importantly, to build endurance & resilience.

Activator® Advantage

Evidence-based, award winning and FDA Approved, the Activator® Poles are prescribed by top doctors, surgeons, physical therapists and used by top recreation & fitness professionals globally to improve outcomes for gait, balance, stability and posture and to inspire movement through activating nearly all the body’s muscles simultaneously!

Urban and Activator® Poles

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