Urban Poles and Activators – Vestibular Disorders Association VeDA

Urban Poles and Activators – Vestibular Disorders Association VeDA

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Looking for new ways to stay activated, motivated and inspired – aren’t we all! Join us to hear from Mandy Shintani, Canadian Occupational Therapist and International Speaker on how adding uniquely designed walking poles to your walk can help keep you balanced, UP-right, and UP-lifted all year long! Make 2021 the year that you embrace your outdoor gym, explore the beauty of your neighborhood and beyond with Urban Poling! Urban Poling Inc is a proud partner of VEDA.
Urban Poling Inc is proudly partnered with VEDA as we make strides to help YOU improve balance, stability and posture all the while reaping the benefits of an incredible workout!  For more information on our exciting partnership and mission please visit our blog See here!
We think our newly formed partnership is cause for celebration and so we are pleased to offer VeDA Members Special Offer of 10% off on our poles! Plus we will donate a % of each sale back to VeDA

*If you have any conditions, consult your physician or rehab professional prior to using the ACTIVATOR poles
or if you currently use or have been recommended to use a mobility device for walking. 

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