Urban Activator Poles

Urban Activator Poles

ACTIVATOR® Poles for rehab

Patented ACTIVATOR Poles are designed for balance and taking more pressure 
off your back and lower joints.  For use indoors as well as outdoors in all seasons.
Suitable for:

– Pre and post hip & knee replacement surgery
– Conditions that affect your balance
– Rehabilitation programs
– Older adults
Activator® Poles
Activator® 2 Poles
Activator® Moda (fashion edition)

2 sectional
$ 109.00

3 sectional with trekking baskets
$ 149.99

2 sectional with snow baskets
$ 119.99

Urban Poles for Fitness

Looking for a more intense workout over regular walking?
Choose between:  Series 300, 4Life (pink), and Spirit Poles with snow baskets
Our Urban fitness poles burn more calories, tone your core and at the same time take pressure off your lower joints.  Versatile for for hiking, winter walking & snowshoeing.
Series 300 – Professional Edition

2 sectional
$ 99.99

4Life – Professional Edition

2 sectional
$ 99.99

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