Urban Activator Poles

Urban Activator Poles

Activator® Poles with 15% OFF

2 sectional
reg $ 114.99 for only 97.74

Promo Valid till 07/04/2021
Activator® Poles
Activator® 2 Poles
Activator® Moda (fashion edition)

2 sectional
reg $ 114.99 for only 97.74

3 sectional with trekking baskets
$ 149.99

2 sectional with snow baskets
$ 124.99

Patented ACTIVATOR Poles are designed for balance and taking more pressure 
off your back and lower joints.  For use indoors as well as outdoors in all seasons.
Suitable for:

– Pre and post hip & knee replacement surgery
– Conditions that affect your balance
– Rehabilitation programs
– Older adults

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