UP Cancer Wellness Course

UP Cancer Wellness Course
The new Urban Poling Cancer Course – RECORDED

 This live virtual course will host guest speakers from Canada, the USA and internationally! There are numerous research benefits in relation to Urban Poling and cancer, with 4 studies specifically on breast cancer rehab both for physical and mental health as well as managing lymphedema and pain!  Find out how to bring this exciting new treatment tool to your fitness or rehab clients and learn a ton of innovative exercises.   

Recording is available simply by registering for the course.


Jean LaMantia
B.A.Sc. RD 

Mandy Shintani 
OT & gerontologist 

Trina Radske-Suchan,

Barb Gormley
Personal trainer

Dr. Sharon Czerniec

Ann Marie Turo,

Diana Oliver 
Pilates Instructor – CAN

Elisa Fraser,

Linda Gottlieb 
personal trainer

IMPORTANT: Half day options include the Cancer Wellness Course + Instructor or Activator Course.

  1. Improved quality of life, social interaction, and self esteem
  2. Improved functional independence
  3. Increased core strength
  4. Decreased level of anxiety and depression
  5. Manage lymphedema
  6. Increased upper extremity and strength – particularly for breast cancer
  7. Improved muscular endurance, posture, stability and balance
  8. Increased exercise tolerance and personal exertion limits

Recommendations from the Canadian Cancer Society include the incorporation of regular physical activity, as part of a healthy lifestyle and weight management plan to prevent the development of certain types of cancer (especially colon and breast cancer). 

Thank you to all of our clients who have shared their experiences of using our poles through their personal treatment and recovery-phase. Your incredible stories have helped to motivate and inspire others to try our program and experience the benefits for themselves. As you and our research supports have indicated, walking with poles versus walking without poles may help boost self-esteem, improve sleep and energy levels, as well as lower depression and anxiety, while helping with pain management. All of which are important in the cancer journey!   

Diana Oliver, co-owner of Urban Poling

You can contact our orders department for professional pricing for
clinics and community programs – orders@urbanpoling.com

 Cancer Wellness Course – AGENDA

Recording is available simply by registering for the course.

Instructor Course

UP Instructor Course Module (Eastern Time) 
10 min –  Pre-Conference Virtual Warm UP (10 Minutes) – Barb Gormley
2 hours and 30 min – Instructor Course for Fitness Professionals – Diana Oliver & Mandy Shintani 

15 min – Mid-Conference  Virtual Warm Up – Barb Gormley

Cancer Wellness Course 

UP Cancer Wellness Module (Eastern Time – Each Session includes a Q & A)
15 min  – Welcome & General Review – Diana Oliver & Mandy Shintani 
25 min  – Perspectives from a 2 Time Cancer Survivor, Author & OT on dealing with patients  – Ann Marie Turo, OTR/L
15 min  – Cancer Exercise Principles and Pole Walking for Fitness – Linda Gottlieb, Fitness Instructor
10 min  – Pole Walking & Lymphedema – Dr. Sharon Czerniac, PT, PhD
30 min – Research, Exercises and Contra-Indications to consider – Trina Radske-Suchan, PT
25 min  – Nordic Walking Oncology Programs – Putting it All Into Action – Elisa Fraser, PT
15 min  – Resources & Additional Exercises – Diana Oliver
15 min  
The 3 Keys to Cancer Risk Reduction – Jean LaMantia, Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition
                 and Registered Dietitian

05 min  – Wrap Up & Lead in to Activator Program

Activator Course

UP Activator Course Module (Eastern Time)
2 hours and 30 min 
– Activator Course with Mandy Shintani, OT & Gerontologist

IMPORTANT: Half day options include the Cancer Wellness Course + Instructor or Activator Course.

1% of Activator poles sales in Canada donated to the March of Dimes.

2% of Proceeds from 4 Life Sales Support Cancer Wellness Centers.

*Please be sure to consult with your physician or therapist before using the poles if you currently use a cane or walker, have any medical condition which affects your balance, stability, grip strength, vision, depth perception, judgement or co-ordination, of if you are currently recovering from injury or surgery.

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